Secondary & High school

Secondary and high school are the continuation of schooling with a view to obtaining state exams (Brevet des collèges and Baccalauréat), as well as preparation for the reality of higher education and the professional world.

Educational team

A seasoned and motivated teaching team is at the service of the students to provide them with the ingredients for success and life skills.

Methodology classes are provided to give them the necessary tools for their personal work.

Those in charge of school life are committed to following the students as closely as possible in order to guide them, offer them a place to speak and accompany them in the necessary questioning.

High standards of work and behaviour are the pillars of our high success rate in exams.

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Classes are held from 8:00 a.m. to 12:40 p.m. and from 2:00 to 4:50 p.m..

Students are free on Wednesday and Friday afternoons..

There are no classes on Saturdays..

Managed headcount

The number of students is kept to a minimum, so that students benefit from a rigorous and attentive follow-up.

Students in the second and last years of high school benefit from a small class size which permits them to prepare optimally for the baccalaureate.

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Choice of foreign languages

Modern language 1 (LV1) :
English for all classes (Secondary and High school)

Modern language 2 (LV2) :
Spanish or German (from second year of Secondary School) 

Other languages are possible with the Centre National d'Enseignement à Distance (CNED). The inversion of LV1 and LV2 is possible in the final year for the baccalauréat test.


All students have free access to the library to borrow books, access the internet, consult documentation and do research.

Exam preparation


Diplôme National du Brevet and Baccalauréat

The secondary school prepares students for the Diplôme National du Brevet. The high school prepares students for the baccalaureate and offers the following specialties*:

  • Mathematics
  • biology
  • Physics-Chemistry
  • social and economic sience
  • history-geography, geopolitics and political science

*the offer of specialities may vary according to demand

Accommodations are possible to follow other specialities through the CNED. 

For the last year of high school, two options are offered (depending on demand):

  • Complementary Mathematics (for students who did not take the Mathematics speciality in second year of High school or who stopped it at the end of second year of high school).
  • Expert Mathematics

Success rate 

DNB (Brevet des Collèges) – Résultats sur les 3 dernières années 97 %

Baccalauréat – Résultats sur les 3 dernières années 96 %

We have small head counts and the success rate is therefore extremely variable. Furthermore, we have chosen to regularly open our enrolment to students with apparently less successful records, under very specific conditions, in order to give them a chance and to help them succeed.

Mock exams

A mock bac test is organised each trimester for last year of High school students for all subjects. The same applies to the second year students, who take the early bac exams over two days. In addition to this, the students in the exam classes (second and last year.) are given training for the bac exams on Wednesday afternoons at an average rate of two per month. 

A "brevet blanc" (mock exam) is organised over 2 or 3 days for pupils in last year of Secondary school at the end of each trimester. 


Personalized support 

A methodology class is provided for all classes in the secondary school and first two classes of High school. The teachers' council proposes the allocation of a tutor to students who encounter difficulties.

Guidance is also offered. 

Secondary and High School rates

Conditions et modalités financières 2024-2025
Half-board and external students
  • On request, school fees can be paid in 9 monthly instalments.
  • Any early departure (for whatever reason) will be refunded proportionally, less €150 administration costs.