Learning about computers

Information technology is an essential tool in our society today. Our school is committed to helping students learn how to use it.

Primary :

Equipped with a rack of laptops, the children, from kindergarten to last year of Primary school, benefit from initiation and learning sessions adapted to their age. The aim is not to add more screen time to their lives, but to introduce them to a working tool and a cultural space.

Secondary - High school

In the junior high school, the teaching of the main office automation tools introduces the students to the use of computers in the professional world. From secondary school to high school, students use computers regularly for research and work, and have access to two multimedia rooms.

Charter for the use of computers

L’internet apporte une grande richesse dans le domaine de la documentation et des possibilités énormes dans le domaine de la communication. L’internet fait partie de notre vie quotidienne.

La facilité de la recherche documentaire et des communications sur l’internet ne doivent cependant pas nous faire oublier la législation, notre philosophie chrétienne et nos objectifs pédagogiques.

Download the Charter