An overview of the ESMT

From kindergarten through high school, primary schools and secondary schools, the Maurice-Tièche School Group has a reputation for teaching children and young people high educational and moral values.

The Team

17 full-time teachers

10 part-time teachers

Average teaching experience of more than
10 years

Limited staffing

Maximum 20 children from kindergarten to first year of Primairy school

22 students maximum up to last year of Primary school

25 students maximum in Secondary school and High school

DNB success rate
(Brevet des Collèges)

Résultats sur les 3 dernières années 97 %

Baccalaureate success rate

Résultats sur les 3 dernières années 96 %
Question Answer
Name Ensemble Scolaire Maurice-Tièche
Based In 1936 by Maurice Tièche
Students 278 students from 16 countries
Teachers 17 full-time, 10 part-time
Education levels Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and High school