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Imaginative benches for students from 6ème

Inspired by an artist, they have created unique 3D models, with their favourite references...

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Start of the 2024 school year: Two classes of 6ème and two classes of 5ème: Places available

The plan to double our capacity at the collège while maintaining a human scale...

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Success courses for primary and secondary schools

As the summer holidays got underway, a number of pupils were able to take advantage of the success courses...

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Maternelle & Élémentaire

ESMT - fille bricolage

L’équipe pédagogique souhaite développer la personnalité de l’enfant dans toutes ses dimensions : physique, sociale, intellectuelle et spirituelle, en se fondant sur les valeurs chrétiennes.

Secondary & High school

ESMT - résultats bac

Building up their character is a priority: children and young people learn to control themselves, to take responsibility and to make the right choice by developing a spirit of decision. The teachers provide quality education in close proximity to the students.

Respect : Giving is receiving

The Maurice-Tièche School Ensemble is a school committed to the balanced development of children and teenagers.

Its Christian vision of education has been firmly established in Collonges-sous-Salève since 1936.

From kindergarten through primary and secondary school to high school, the Ensemble Scolaire Maurice-Tièche has a reputation for passing on high educational and moral values to children and young people.

The supervision is both rigorous and caring. The natural setting in which the children and young people evolve offers them permanent contact with nature. It is not uncommon to hear "former" students say that their time at Maurice-Tièche was a high point in their lives and guided them towards personal and professional success.

Our greatest passion is to impart high educational and moral values to children and young people..