Spiritual activities

Throughout the year, activities are organised to provide a special time for the awakening and experience of spirituality. Regular daily and weekly activities, as well as special events throughout the year, are an integral part of the programme.


Moment of reflection

Starting the day or week with a thought that encourages reflection on a subject, allows students to question themselves, find answers and be encouraged in their daily lives. In this way, whether in primary or secondary school, some lessons at the beginning of the day begin with a thought shared by the teacher with the students.



Bible Values Education is integrated into the school curriculum for two periods per week for secondary school students and one period for high school students. The programme includes time for discussion of real-life issues in the light of biblical teachings.

Vie spirituelle


Christmas and Easter are special occasions to celebrate together, with students, teachers and administrative staff, as well as parents wishing to join in these special meetings.


Week of biblical reflection

Once a year, at the beginning of the school year for the secondary and High school, and in the spring for the primary school, the students meet each day to experience a time of biblical reflection. These meetings are led by a special guest around a particular theme and are enriched by moments of song and music.


The praises

Plusieurs fois dans l’année, les élèves de l’école primaire se retrouvent tous ensemble pour vivre un programme qu’ils ont préparé avec leurs enseignants. Ce moment, ouvert aux parents, permet un vécu de temps spirituel très apprécié de tous. Une louange spéciale de Noël est également proposée.