Kindergarten & Primary school

The school has one class per level from kindergarten to last year of primary school. The kindergarten classes are designed to encourage free activities and games, artistic activities, manipulation and motor skills, autonomy and socialisation of the child.

Suitable support in kindergarten

Each teacher is accompanied by an assistant to give the child all the attention necessary for their development.

The school gives priority to welcoming the children as well as the parents in order to facilitate the moment of separation in good conditions of trust.

enfant avec une plante

Our Goals

Tout au long du cycle élémentaire, l’équipe pédagogique se donne pour objectif de :

  • develop self-confidence
  • motivation
  • curiosity
  • self-control

dans le respect de la personnalité de l’enfant.


Classes are held from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 16:00..

Students are free on Wednesday and Friday afternoons..

There are no classes on Saturdays..


Managed headcount

The number of students is kept to a minimum in order to create a good work dynamic and to ensure that the students benefit from a rigorous and attentive follow-up.


Childcare is available from 7.30am to 8.30am and from 4pm to 6.15pm..


ESMT - bibliothèque

Visits to the library

Visits to the library are a real pleasure for children of all ages. They enjoy coming every week with their teachers to choose books and read in a special corner. Each year, plus de 2’000 livres are borrowed by the primary school children. 

Regularly, activities are organised to bring together children from several classes around the same project. The older children have the opportunity to help the younger ones during afternoons of games, handicraft workshops, outings...

Kindergarten & Primary School Rates

Conditions et modalités financières 2024-2025
  • On request, school fees can be paid in 9 monthly instalments.
  • Les réductions “classe sous contrat” et “2ème enfant” ne sont pas cumulatives. La réduction le plus avantageuse est retenue.
  • Tout départ anticipé (quelle qu’en soit la raison) sera remboursé proportionnellement, moins 150 € de frais administratifs.