Admission request

Thank you for your interest in the Ensemble Scolaire Maurice Tièche (ESMT). We are pleased that you have taken the time to get to know us better.

In order to be admitted, an application form must first be completed and examined by the admissions committee. This committee considers the student's results and behaviour as well as the family's motivation to join our school.

After this first stage, if the application is accepted at this stage and depending on the number of places available, the Headmaster of the Ensemble Scolaire proposes a meeting with the parents to present the school and its objectives. In the case of admission to the primary school, a morning of adaptation of the child is necessary for the final decision of the commission to be communicated.

Submit your completed application to the secretary's office or by e-mail.
La commission d’admission évalue les dossiers en fonction du comportement, de l’attitude, du travail et du niveau de l’élève. Une réponse est adressée à la famille par la suite.
Nous vous inviterons à passer par une journée d’adaptation pour que votre enfant se sente en toute sécurité.
If the application is accepted, a meeting is arranged with the management. 

The completed application, together with the report cards for the last 2 school years, will be sent to :

By post to the following address
Lycée privé Maurice-Tièche
545 chemin de Bottecreux
74160 Collonges-sous-Salève
By e-mail


Enrolling your child in a school involves many questions. Our children are the most precious thing we have and we want the best for them as parents. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.
How many people are there?

From Kindergarten to First year of Primary school, we limit the number of students to 20 per class.
From Second year of Primary school to the 5th, we increase our class size to 22 students,. and from First year of Secondary school to the last year of High school, we do not exceed 25 students per class.

Is it possible to register during the year?

The principle is that there is no registration during the year. However, as each situation is different and families are sometimes in cases of emergency, we study all applications, even during the year.

Do you offer sibling discounts?

On this site you will find the price list.
The idea is that we give a discount starting from the. second child.

What are your entry criteria?

The most important thing for us is to be convinced that your expectations are in line with what we can offer and with our own characteristics. Apart from that, we pay a lot of attention to your academic results and even more to the comments that follow them. Finally, your motivation is also an essential element.

Is it necessary to plan well in advance to hope to get a place?

The demand in Kindergarden is very variable. It is therefore recommended that you send us your requests one year in advance.
The most sensitive class is the first year of Secondary school,. for which we receive many requests each year. It is preferable to apply 2 years in advance for this class.
Secondly, for the secondary school, obtaining a place is often limited to the departure of other students.

What about religious education?

Our school is a Christian school.
It does not wish to transmit, strictly speaking, a religious teaching. Our approach to the person is holistic: the human being is a whole in its intellectual, physiological, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions. On a spiritual level, we strive to transmit Christian values, based on the Bible.