Sporting activities

Various sports activities are supported by the infrastructure we have at our disposal: a gymnasium, three sports fields, a climbing gym, and the nature that surrounds us.

Depending on the class, sports activities such as skiing, climbing, swimming or cross-country running are organised in addition to the physical education and sports lessons.


An area equipped for a wide range of sporting activities. Ideal for gymnastics, volleyball, badminton or table tennis. Mainly used for Physical Education and Sports classes, extra-curricular activities are also held here.

Sports fields

The primary school students benefit from a dedicated outdoor synthetic area. A sports field and a football pitch can welcome students from the whole ESMT. These facilities offer the possibility of a wide range of sporting activities.

terrain de sport ESMT


Students from kindergarten to Primary benefit from climbing sessions, an activity that is very valuable in terms of psychomotor skills and self-confidence. The Club Nature et Sports de Montagne du Salève shares this climbing wall with the ESMT.

Swimming pool outings

8 swimming pool outings are organised for the 2nde and 3rde classes of Primary school.

Students in the first year of Secondary school. participate in the "Savoir Nager en 6. ème » programme funded by the Haute-Savoie Department.



Our school is located on a 21-hectare campus at the foot of the mountains and on the edge of the forest. Not only is it a pleasant place to come to school, it also offers plenty of opportunities for sporting activities.