Educational project

The educational team wishes to develop the child's personality in all its dimensions: physical, social, intellectual and spiritual, based on Christian values.

Physical :

Our school complex naturally offers sports activities as part of its courses. These activities are designed to support the psychomotor development of the youngest children. They also guarantee a minimum of exercise for those who are more sedentary. All this is combined with a reflection on the biological rhythms of the child, outdoor games, sports practice, health education and artistic and sensory activities.

Social :

"Respect: giving is receiving", the heart of our educational policy. Helping children to live a healthy and constructive relationship with others and to develop life skills is essential for us. This implies reflecting on society in order to take our place in it, taking into account others and their needs, without losing sight of our own. Altruism, respect for others, for oneself and for the environment are at the heart of our work.

Intellectual :

Through the transmission of knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills, we aim to fulfil the child's potential by motivating them to invest the best of themselves. We encourage children to develop their thinking, their creativity and to acquire knowledge in order to mobilise it, while regularly evaluating their achievements.

Spiritual :

While respecting the convictions of each individual, we devote time to discovering the Bible, while seeking to integrate the values of the Christian faith into the teaching and daily life. This is an opportunity for the child to question and answer questions about the meaning of their life and their desire to meet God and live in a relationship with God.