Rentrée 2023: Ouverture de classe 6ème supplémentaire

Notre collège s’agrandit. Nous aurons désormais deux classes de 6ème et, à terme, nous aurons donc deux classes par niveau. 

A concert at our school on Thursday 22 June!

Is it for the music festival ? Is it to enrich our school project "Place aux Artistes" ? Is it because Marie Cornet, through 

Kindergarten class show: "La Maternelle a un incroyable talent!" : June 2023

On Thursday 15 June, the kindergarten artists set the stage on fire and won over the entire audience! The 

A new mosaic in our school: June 2023

As part of our Creative Workshops project, all the little artists' hands from Kindergarten to 

Citizenship morning: Tuesday 13 June

On Tuesday 13 June, from 9am to 11am, delegates from the three schools on the municipal committee 

June 2023 : Traffic Laws !

Yesterday, Tuesday 6 June, two officers from the municipal police were here. 

Sports morning: 2 June 2023

On Friday 2 June, all the students at the primary school took to the sports fields.The second class of Secondary 

Worship on Friday 26 May : When with the Arts I praise the Eternal !

What a joy it was to come together in the Aula (auditorium) on Friday 26 May!

5 Arts Week ! : March 2023

Du 20 au 24 mars nous nous sommes retrouvés pour vivre la Semaine de Réflexion Biblique à l’école primaire avec 

THE GREEN MOVIE : March 2023

On Tuesday 28 March, students in CE2, CM1 and CM2 classes were in for a big surprise! They were going to see...